Tyres and Tyre Fitting

We can supply all makes and sizes of motorcycle and scooter tyres at competitive prices.

We are a major supplier of Maxxis Tyres and have been for 2 years. Maxxis Tyres are of high quality but at low cost compared to other major manufacturers. View the latest Maxxis tyres in our shop.

Here at Bikes Trikes we are experienced motorcycle tyre fitters and try our utmost to prevent any marks occurring on your wheels however tyre corrosion and flaking paint can cause marks to occur on occasion. We will not be held responsible should this occur.

Tyre fitting price guide (labour only)

To change a tyre to a loose wheel £15

To change a tyre to a loose spoked wheel £20

To change a tyre on your motorcycle £20

To change a tyre to a spoked wheel on your motorcycle £25

If you require a puncture repair to a mag-style wheel we charge £10 in addition to the above.

If you supply your own tyre there is a £10 fee on top of all above prices.

Wheel balancing is included in all tyre fitting.

Some vehicles (ie scooters) may require foot brackets or exhaust removal and will incur an extra cost which will be discussed before work commences.

If you have acquired a puncture and need your motorcycle picking up we are happy to accommodate, please ring with postcode for a price.