Date: February 20th, 2016

Bourne Classic Car & Bike Carnival

Starts: 19th June 2016

A single day village carnival style show.

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For more info’ visit their Facebook page: Bourne Classic Car & Bike Carnival

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Baston Car & Bike Show

Starts: 10:00 – 16:00 3rd July 2016

Another “village fete” style single day show that’s almost out grown the village…

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£5.00 entry fee – under 16’s free

For more info’ visit: Baston Car & Bike Show

Or visit their Facebook page: Baston Car & Bike Show Facebook

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Boston Bike Night

Starts: 18:00 – 22:00 7th July 2016

The largest bike events around our area (that’s not all commercialised!)


Free to attend.

For more info’ visit: Boston Bike Night

Or visit their Facebook page: Boston Bike Night Facebook

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Parsons Drove Classic Car, Bike & Trike Show

Starts: 16th – 17th July 2016

Oldschool weekend event.


Tickets are £4.00 per day per person or £7.00 for weekend pass + £3.00 per unit camping.

For more info’ visit: Parsons Drove Classic Car, Bike & Trike Show

Or visit their Facebook:
Event page: Parsons Drove Event
Group page: Parsons Drove Group

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Brackley Festival of Motorcycles

Starts: 14th August 2016

One Day in August, the Town becomes the host of Brackley Festival of Motorcycles on the High Street and the neighbouring school fields.

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For more info’ on this event please visit their webpage at:Brackley Festival of Motorcycles

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Fenman Classic Bike Show

Starts: 29th August 2016

One of THE BEST single day bike events of the year!!!!



For more info’ visit: Fenmen Classic Bike Show

Or visit their Facebook page: Fenmen Classic Bike Show Facebook

Sorry, no dogs allowed (rules forced upon them)

Free entry to the event, If you would like to enter your classic bike into the show there is a £4 entry fee.

What ever you do, do not miss this one!

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